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ZATCA is an attractive environment for professionals who wish to make a unique shift in their career and achieve their professional ambitions. We are always looking for creative talents that combine practical experience and professional attitude. We provide all means to help our employees to develop their skills by providing them with the most advanced training programs based on modern curricula and international quality standards.

ZATCA is always in the process of recruiting talents from various fields to work in finance, legal, administrative, programming, and customer services positions.

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It is a training program provided by the Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority, focused on scientific knowledge and practicality in a competitive and motivating work environment, aimed at developing national personnel of the most prestigious Saudi and international universities.

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Ameen is a training program targeting Saudi graduates who hold a bachelor's degree in all disciplines. The program focuses on building and developing the knowledge and applied capabilities of the trainees in the basics of customs sciences and enhancing their knowledge in the fields of customs work. The trainees will receive a twelve-month only qualification program that includes theoretical and practical training at customs ports.

A community service mission 

ZATCA is committed to establishing cooperative training programs for university students as part of its social responsibility agenda. ZATCA constantly coordinates with many universities to enhance their academic curricula with practical experience and to train as many brilliant students as possible.

These efforts are designed to properly introduce students to the labor market by helping them to bridge the gap between theory and practice. Students will have the chance to experience different scenarios in a real work environment; this will encourage them to assume responsibilities, show discipline, and appreciate teamwork along with developing their communication skills. This is a major step that could lead to recruiting them after graduation.

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